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Assisted Living Monthly Fee Sticker Shock

Many Florida seniors seek the safety, security, and carefree lifestyle that comes with assisted living. With a myriad of social activities, on-site nurses and aides, and no more household chores, assisted living is the gateway to the best quality of life as you age.

However, seniors are often put off by what they perceive as a high monthly fee, about $4,500 on average per month for assisted living in Florida. 

How Assisted Living Can Be a Better Financial Choice than Aging at Home

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As seniors begin to need help with some of their daily activities, their two main choices are to age at home or move to an assisted living community. When making a financial comparison, they often overlook the money they are currently spending to run their household. And, many do not realize the high cost of in-home care. Therefore, seniors may be excited to learn that many of these costs are included in most assisted living communities.

The Hidden House Costs of Aging at Home

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You are aware of your rent or mortgage costs. The average monthly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $2,200 in Cape Coral, Florida; $2,400 in North Port, Florida; and $2,100 in Tampa, Florida. And even if you are lucky enough to have a fully paid-off house, you always have property tax. The average property tax in Florida is about $1,752 a year, but this differs greatly by area. For example, the average property tax in Sarasota County is about $3,600 per year or $300 per month.

Then there is the electric bill (average about $250 per month). And the average food bill for two people in Florida runs between $750 and $1,000 per month. 

Don’t forget transportation and auto costs, housekeeping costs, lawn maintenance, home maintenance and repair, homeowner’s association fees, security and alarm system costs, gym and club membership fees, cable TV, internet, recreational activities and more. All these costs add up. And these are just the average costs – yours are most likely higher.

If you compare assisted living costs to these home expenses, assisted living would be a great bargain. 

And when you add the cost of home health care, there is no contest.

The Surprisingly High Costs of Home Health Care

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When it comes to aging at home, the most significant expenses are usually the cost of home health care. Many people are unaware of just how expensive this option can be, particularly if 24-hour care or specialized services are needed. For example:

  • Home Health Care Agencies: Florida rates range from $23-$30 per hour.
  • Non-Certified Live-in Caregivers: If you require round-the-clock care, even a non-certified caregiver who sleeps at night can cost you at least $9,000 per month—and this doesn’t include living expenses.
  • Certified 24-Hour Care: If you require awake and alert caregivers all night, you’re looking at multiple shifts, costing up to $17,000 per month or more. Again, this doesn’t cover living expenses.
  • Part-Time Care: Even just 6 hours of daily care at the lower end of the average rate ($23/hour) comes to $4,140 per month.

Assisted Living vs. Aging at Home: Apples-to-Apples

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In comparison, assisted living communities provide most of these services as part of their all-inclusive fee. Maintenance to your personal residence, common areas, and grounds, housekeeping and laundry services, scheduled transportation, utilities, three meals per day, fitness classes, entertainment and more are all included in the monthly fees of most assisted living communities. 

Even 24-hour care is available at a much lower cost than home health care, with prices ranging from $0-$1,250 per month depending on the level of care needed.

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When you do an apples-to-apples comparison of these two options, you will be surprised how affordable assisted living is.

And, when you consider the astronomical cost of home health care, assisted living doesn’t just start to look affordable—it begins to appear as a smart financial choice that also offers peace of mind, safety, and a better quality of life.

The comparison chart above shows a breakdown of Florida’s average living expenses compared to the cost of assisted living. You can also fill out the blank chart below to see if assisted living is a smart financial choice for your own personal situation!

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Senior living on your terms. The choice should be yours.

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