Last Updated: June 10, 2024
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In a time where technology is transforming the way we live, seniors are one particular demographic that is often overlooked. However, as the aging population grows across the globe, ensuring the well-being and independence of older adults becomes increasingly important. 

One of the main facets of senior independence is transportation. From going to doctor appointments and running errands to attending social and community events, reliable transportation is necessary to thrive as an older adult, especially for those aging in their own homes. 

However, as we age, continuing to drive may not be the safest option. And some seniors do not have anyone to bring them to appointments and events on a daily basis. Public transportation can be far away and difficult to navigate for seniors, especially those who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers. And traditional ride hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are often tricky for seniors to navigate without assistance.

So with all these barriers, how can seniors get to where they need to go safely and reliably? 

Senior Consulting Advisors transportation program, powered by GoGo, is a revolutionary service solving this problem. Together these companies are bridging the gap between seniors and modern transportation technology, offering a lifeline for independence and well-being.

Senior Transportation Made Simple

Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors includes a suite of care services designed with seniors in mind, acting as a middleman between seniors and apps like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and more. Available in the US, Canada, and Australia, this service provides a simplified and user-friendly experience for using these apps specifically tailored to older adults. 

How Do The Senior Transportation Services Work?

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Seniors can access Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors through a simple phone call to 800-969-7176, removing the need for smartphones or complex apps. After signing up for the service, seniors will receive a dedicated phone number to request a ride to their desired destination, or other specific services, and our operators handle the rest. Seniors are able to schedule rides for the future or request them 15 minutes in advance.

When seniors call Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors, they can easily complete the following tasks:

  • Arrange reliable rides
  • Order grocery delivery
  • Order food delivery from local restaurants
  • Get medications delivered
  • Request home services like landscaping or dog walkers
  • Participate in virtual events like chair yoga or other social opportunities

Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors makes on-demand transportation or delivery technology accessible for older adults who may not be comfortable using smartphones or apps. This technology is groundbreaking and solves a major problem within the senior community.

Safety Features and Peace of Mind

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One of the main concerns for seniors when it comes to transportation is safety. Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors solves this problem by implementing safety features like GPS tracking of rides, driver background checks, screening of cars, status updates for emergency contacts, and 24/7 customer support. 

These safety measures provide peace of mind to seniors and their families, knowing that their loved ones are getting to and from their destination without any issues. It also gives caregivers a break from driving, especially if they have other jobs or family members to attend to. 

How Much Does Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors Cost?

Seniors can access the exclusive membership for Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors for a small membership fee of less than $1 per day. From there the senior will pay the normal cost of an Uber or Lyft ride, plus a small concierge fee. This fee covers the 24/7 operators and services, safety features, operator monitoring during the ride, and other features.

These prices are far lower than the costs associated with owning a car, car insurance, gasoline, maintenance, inspections, and other various expenses.

Customized Features for Seniors

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To simplify the service, seniors do not pay their drivers directly. Instead, their credit card will be charged after the trip covering the service fee and the cost of the ride. Customers are able to provide a tip in cash or on their card after the ride.

Another convenient feature for seniors is that cars are equipped to accommodate mobility aids like walkers and wheelchairs. Just inform the operator of this request so the driver is prepared. 

Finally, Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors allows family members to book services on behalf of their loved ones, and monitor rides and requests.

Promoting Social Engagement and Independence

The ability to get around is vital for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle and stay connected to their communities. We facilitate this independence by removing barriers and enabling seniors to attend social events, run errands, and go to appointments with ease.

Remaining socially engaged and leaving the house is crucial for seniors’ health and wellness. Socializing helps seniors stay mentally active, boosts mood, and reduces the likelihood of isolation and depression. Additionally, being able to go to stores, events, and gatherings promotes physical activity, and thus, health and wellness for seniors.

Overall, the ability to get around is invaluable for seniors to achieve their ultimate goal of independence and quality of life. This is especially applicable to seniors who are aging in place and may not have access to transportation at senior living communities.

The Future of Senior Mobility

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As our population continues to age, the demand for senior-friendly services like Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors will only increase. Technology and innovation can help seniors remain active participants in society, with access to the resources and support they need to thrive. Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors is a trustworthy transportation solution for seniors across the state of Florida and in all 50 states.

To check the availability of our senior transportation services in your area, you can call 800-969-7176, option 1.

For more guidance and support on senior services in Florida, visit or call our expert senior advisors at (800) 969-7176.

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