Last Updated: February 27, 2024

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One million older adults are residing in assisted living communities according to the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living. Assisted living facilities provide 24-hour care for seniors that could use assistance with some daily activities, but don’t necessarily need to depend on skilled nursing or specialized dementia care.

This is a popular care option for senior loved ones, if you are still exploring possibilities here are a few signs to look out for that may indicate it is time to consider assisted living.

Lack Of Socialization

Assisted living facilities can provide unique opportunities to connect and build relationships with staff, and other residents. The friendships that are built can assist in preventing senior isolation, and also increase the chances of a senior participating in enriching activities.

Activities like fitness classes, happy hours, game nights, and more can be found within assisted living communities. If you believe your senior loved one is bored and could benefit from these socialization opportunities, it might be a great time to do some research on assisted living.

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Reducing Stress With A Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

As we get older, we tend to generate more stress over things that, at one point, were a breeze. Chores, and keeping up with house cleaning can cause stress in some seniors. When a parent is residing in an assisted living community, those responsibilities and daily objectives are taken care of. Seniors can expect services such as: 

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Bed making
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Laundry
  • General apartment maintenance and beautification 

If you notice someone you love getting easily irritated by doing things mentioned above, this is another sign that assisted living could be beneficial. 

Little Access To Proper Nutrition

Cooking can become challenging for those that are aging, and those seniors may even lack the energy or motivation to go grocery shopping. This can negatively impact a senior’s nutrition. Assisted living provides a plethora of dining options and amenities, including: 

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy snacks, and drinks available at all times
  • Three chef-prepared meals every day
  • Nutrients and ingredients from every food group
  • Weekly menus posted in advance 
  • Optional meal plans that account for diabetics, low-sodium diets, high-fiber diets, kosher, and several other diets
  • Dining rooms that open up opportunities for conversing with other residents

Proper nutrition is a major concern for those contemplating putting an elderly loved one in assisted living, these assisted living communities ensure the proper attention is provided. 

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It Is Recommended By A Physician

Ultimately the decision for assisted living is left up to the individual, but having a medical evaluation might put things into perspective for some caregivers and seniors. If you’re already considering assisted living, but unsure it might be too soon, seeking counsel from your loved one’s doctor can confirm or deny what you’re already feeling.

By simply hearing a doctor’s opinion, you will likely feel a weight lifted. Hearing a recommendation from a doctor can also boost confidence and enthusiasm in a senior thinking about moving into an assisted living facility. According to a 2019 survey from Pew Research Center, seniors are more likely to trust their doctors and follow medical advice as opposed to persons of other age groups.

Your Mental And Physical Health Has Been Strained

Caring for a senior loved one can take a toll, mentally and physically. You need to check in with yourself, and sometimes prioritize you. Ask yourself how you feel about where you are, and where your life is headed. Consider how much sleep and rest you’re actually getting. Maybe the person you’re supporting could really benefit from a fresh face and personality that’s going to care for them.

If you as a caregiver are consistently overwhelmed it could reflect on the person you’re looking after. Sacrificing your own physical and mental health in order to care for a loved one is eventually going to be recognized on your face and through your actions. This can pose a threat to the relationship you have with your loved one.

Assisted living ensures that your loved one is getting the care they need and deserve, making it possible for you to focus on yourself while still being a part of their lives. If both parties are happy and content, your relationship will continue to thrive.

Assisted living communities are a great way of ensuring that your loved one is receiving the support they need while maintaining a sense of independence. If you’re starting to become aware of signs that indicate it’s time to consider assisted living, reach out to us here at Florida Senior Consulting to learn more.

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