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If you’re a senior looking for a luxurious lifestyle, consider an independent living community in Florida. These communities offer much more than just basic living accommodations and services. Unlike traditional assisted living or aging at home, these communities provide a resort-style living experience with high-end amenities and services that make senior life more enjoyable.

What is a Luxury Independent Living Community?

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A luxury independent living community is a living space that offers stylish residences in desirable locations along with services and amenities similar to those offered at a five-star resort or hotel. Residents typically live in spacious apartments with high-end kitchen appliances, laundry machines, and other desirable features.

Luxury independent living communities offer various services and amenities. Residents enjoy luxuries like golf courses, theaters, restaurants, spas, hair salons, and fitness centers. And these communities offer services like transportation, housekeeping, grocery shopping, and delivery. Some communities have on-site appointments with visiting doctors.

Many of the communities offer several levels of support. This might include assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.

Who Should Consider Luxury Independent Living Communities?

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Luxury independent living is not for everyone. Since it is not inexpensive, these communities are typically for those seniors fortunate enough to have substantial savings, income, and sometimes long-term care insurance to help pay the monthly fees.

These communities offer high-end accommodations, amenities, and services that can make senior life carefree and upscale.

Active and relatively healthy seniors will benefit from the luxury independent community lifestyle. And those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive issues may also thrive in luxury if those communities also offer assisted living and memory care.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Luxury independent living communities are designed for active, healthy seniors. These communities offer various fitness and wellness amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, yoga studios, and more. These amenities allow seniors to stay active, engage in physical activity, and socialize with others who share their interests.

Many luxury independent living communities also offer group fitness classes and social activities catering to seniors’ interests, such as dance classes, art workshops, and gardening clubs.

These activities provide opportunities for seniors to stay active and engaged and help build a sense of community.

Medical Care

While these communities are designed for independent living, many also offer medical care for residents who may need it as they age. Some independent living communities have on-site medical facilities that provide routine medical care, physical therapy, and other services.

In addition to on-site medical facilities, many luxury independent living communities have partnerships with local healthcare providers and hospitals to ensure that residents can access quality medical care when needed. Knowing that medical care is readily available provides peace of mind for you and your family.

What to Look for in a Luxury Independent Living Community

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When touring these luxury communities, look past the impressive lobbies and common areas. Look for a community that can handle whatever needs might arise as you or your senior loved one age.

Many seniors choose luxury independent living communities that have a full range of benefits and a continuum of care. This helps alleviate the possible need for switching facilities if medical conditions worsen.

At first, the fees for luxury independent living may seem a bit pricey. But when you consider the proximity to hospitals and healthcare facilities, being close to family and friends, transportation services, luxury dining options, and various upscale services, the fees do not seem exorbitant at all.

Luxury senior living communities are ideal for seniors who are looking for a high-end lifestyle as they age. These communities offer top-of-the-line amenities, services, and stylish living spaces in desirable locations that feel more like five-star resorts than senior living residences. From Florida’s waterfront living to city highrises, these luxury accommodations have much to offer for seniors who can afford a more lavish lifestyle as they age.

Some items to consider when choosing a luxury independent living community are as follows:

  • Does the community offer a full continuum of care, which limits the need for switching facilities if medical conditions worsen?
  • Are you renting or purchasing?
  • What is the community’s rental fee or buy-in structure?
  • What are the upscale amenities, like spas, golf, tennis, high-end dining, and more?
  • How close are you to high-quality hospitals and healthcare facilities?
  • How close are you to family and friends.?
  • Do they offer transportation services?
  • What are the staffing levels and qualifications?
  • What are the dining options? Do they handle different dietary needs?
  • Are there visiting doctors, nurses, and therapists?
  • What other services are available?
  • What is the pet policy?
  • Is there a trial period?

What is the Price of Luxury Senior Living

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The price of luxury senior living is high but worth it.

In Florida, monthly rent for luxury senior living can range from $6,000 to more than $15,000. Typically luxury senior living costs on average about 30% more than non-luxury communities. And according to Genworth Financial, the 2023 monthly cost for assisted living in Sarasota, Florida, is $4,750.

The cost of luxury communities also depends on the services available.

Some communities require a long-term contract with monthly fees and an upfront fee instead of a more traditional rental structure. The upfront fees can be from $100,000 to $500,000 or more. And some communities require residents to have more than $1,000,000 in personal wealth.

Is Luxury Independent Living Right for You?

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For seniors looking to age in luxury and style, luxury independent living is one of the best options.

You get to shed the obligations of house maintenance and live a carefree lifestyle in luxury. Imagine making a posh upscale resort your new home. And then imagine you have all the future medical and healthcare you might need close at hand for peace of mind.

That is the idea of luxury independent living.

You live a full and active, carefree, luxury senior lifestyle and are prepared for medical issues should they arise as you age.

While traditional assisted living may be a necessity, luxury independent living is definitely upscale living.

If you dream of a maintenance-free, luxurious, independent living lifestyle but don’t know where to start, Florida Senior Consulting can help. There are more than 600 independent living communities in Florida, and exploring all these options on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

We are a Florida-based company with expert knowledge in all areas of the Florida senior market. While senior options can seem confusing, this is all we do.

We will help you find the best independent living options based on your financial goals, interests, and preferences. We provide these consulting and placement services at no cost to you.

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