Last Updated: June 10, 2024

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Our Senior Transportation Service Provides Freedom and Independence

Staying independent is the ultimate goal for most seniors as they age. Reliable transportation is key for seniors to remain independent while staying involved in the community, running errands, going to doctors appointments, attending social gatherings, and more. Available in all 50 states, Rides by GoGo and Senior Consulting Advisors is a wonderful option to meet seniors’ transportation needs while providing freedom and independence.

Seniors can access Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors through a simple phone call to 800-969-7176, removing the need for smartphones or complex apps. Once signed up, seniors will receive a dedicated phone number to request a ride to their desired destination in the future or 15 minutes in advance, and our operators handle the rest.

Rides by GoGo in partnership with Senior Consulting Advisors makes on-demand transportation or delivery technology accessible for older adults who may not be comfortable using smartphones or apps. This technology is groundbreaking and solves a major problem within the senior community.

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Sticker Shock

At first, some people have sticker shock regarding the concierge fees for our senior transportation service. However, when compared to the costs of owning a car (car payment, insurance, gas, maintenance, and more), it becomes clear that our service may be the wisest option when it comes to finances and convenience.

Consider what this concierge fee covers: 24/7 operator services, the ability to set up on-demand rides with just a phone call, constant monitoring of rides by operators, background-checked drivers, screened cars, and the ability to transport mobility devices, and more. After considering these benefits, it becomes clear that this fee covers valuable features for senior safety, accessibility, and convenience that are not present in other transportation options.

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Convenient and Time-saving for Friends and Family

Rides by GoGo and Senior Consulting Advisors also saves time and resources for busy friends and family members who may not always have extra availability to drive seniors to appointments, events, stores, and more. Thus, finding a time-saving, convenient solution like our service is in many people’s best interest.

To check the availability of our senior transportation services in your area, call 800-969-7176, option 1 or visit

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