Transportation Services for Florida Seniors

Florida Senior Consulting now offers non-emergency senior transportation services

Families can now rest assured that their senior loved one can be safely transported where they want to go with trained transportation specialists, including nurses and nurses aides when needed.

Whether it is a trip for a doctor’s appointment,  an outpatient procedure, or relocating to a local or out-of-state independent living, assisted living or memory care center, Florida Senior Consulting ensures you are transported with care and safety.

We are dedicated to the well-being of Florida seniors. Whether helping seniors age at home or finding the best assisted living, independent living, or memory care, we strive to provide top-notch services that fit the unique needs of every individual senior.

Excitingly, we are expanding our commitment by introducing Florida Senior Transportation services, including transportation for local appointments and long-distance relocations. 

Let’s dive into what this means for you and your loved ones.

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Local Transportation Services for Florida Seniors

Navigating city streets to get to appointments and rehab centers can be challenging for anyone – particularly seniors. Many seniors no longer drive. And others would rather not drive if they had a better alternative.

Our Senior Transportation service is tailored to make these journeys comfortable, safe, and stress-free. With professional drivers trained in senior care, we ensure accessibility and personalized care with every trip.

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Long-Distance Transportation Services: A Personal Touch

Seniors often decide to relocate to Florida to avoid harsh winters, enjoy nicer weather, and have a more active, social lifestyle. With hundreds of options for retirement, independent living, and assisted living communities, moving to Florida is often a great choice. 

In other cases, the best option for a senior is to relocate closer to their family members. Seniors may want to spend more time with loved ones, or a family member may want to care for them as they age.

Imagine a senior in Maryland who wants to relocate to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Sarasota, Florida to live a maintenance-free life. Or, imagine a senior parent in assisted living in Fort Myers, Florida, ready to move to an assisted living community in New York, closer to their adult children and grandchildren. 

The thought of such journeys can be overwhelming for the seniors and their families. Transportation and logistics involving airports and flights are difficult enough for the everyday traveler. It can be even more challenging for seniors, many of whom are in need of medical and mobility assistance.

That’s where our long-distance Senior Transportation service comes in.

From navigating airport logistics to providing emotional support, we handle it all. We can even arrange for a nurse to accompany the senior, ensuring every need is met throughout the journey. This is not just a service; it’s an extension of our commitment to seniors and their families.

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Florida Senior Transportation Services We Offer

  • Ambulatory Transportation: We bring clients who are able to walk on their own or with assistance from point A to point B.
  • Wheelchair Transportation: We have vehicles with ramps and lifts to transport clients in wheelchairs.
  • Disabled Transportation: Our staff is specially trained to safely transport clients with disabilities.

Benefits of Senior Transportation Services for Assisted Living and Memory Care

Senior Transportation Services offer more than just convenience; they are designed to offer peace of mind and safety for both local and out-of-state journeys. Here are some of the benefits of transportation services for seniors:

  1. Convenience and Accessibility: Whether it’s a trip to a local doctor or a move across states, our services are available to fit any need. We are able to accommodate seniors who are ambulatory, use wheelchairs, or have a disability.
  2.  Safety Measures: Our trained staff and customized vehicles prioritize the safety of seniors, ensuring secure transportation to and from medical appointments, assisted living, or memory care facilities.
  3. Family Peace of Mind: Families can feel confident that their loved ones can safely get to medical appointments, physical therapy sessions, and other obligations. Knowing that your loved one is in professional and caring hands allows families to focus on other essential aspects of care.

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Booking Senior Transportation Services in Florida

Are you looking for reliable senior transportation to or from assisted living or memory care facilities? Here’s how to book our service:

  1. Contact us at (800) 969-7176
  2. Discuss the specific needs and preferences of the senior.
  3. We will create a specific plan for your needs and ensure the senior is transported safely, comfortably, and compassionately.

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Conclusion: Your Trusted Partner in Senior Care and Transportation

Florida Senior Consulting is proud to offer this vital addition to our suite of services tailored for Florida seniors. 

Whether you’re seeking assistance with aging at home, finding the best assisted living, independent living, memory care facilities, or now, transportation, we’re here to help.

Senior Transportation is more than a service; it’s a commitment to enhance the lives of seniors in our community. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need local or long-distance transport for a loved one. 

Together, we can ensure that every journey is safe, comfortable, and aligned with the needs of those we care about the most.

Senior living – and transportation –  should be on your terms, and the choice should always be yours.

For Senior Transportation with peace of mind, call Florida Senior Consulting at (800) 969-7176.


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